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What this site is:
  • Social list of books - share your reading experience with other people.
  • Recommendation system - find new books to read in the categories of your interest.
  • Folksonomy - everybody can use his/her own keywords to categorize books.
  • Faceted classification - predefined types of keywords for authors, reading statuses.
  • Friend finder - easy discover people with similar reading tastes.
  • Virtual community - discuss books and authors with other readers.
  • Exportable and trackable - via RSS feeds and JavaScript snippets.

What this site is NOT:
  • Paid service - there are no limits of any kind here.
  • Collection manager - but you can still use it to keep list of your books at home.
  • Abandoned project - site's being improved each week, sometimes even each day.
  • Unsupported project - interact via blog, forums, LiveJournal or Bank of Ideas.

This site is also a part of global world takeover project:
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